Epoxy-based coating technology for the automotive sector was introduced in the vehicle production process 30 years ago, providing great advantages in preventing rust and corrosion on vehicle body and key metal parts. As the Automotive sector grows, The automotive repair and maintenance industry grows simultaneously. As one of the main suppliers for the automotive repair industry, Petrokem has a range of quality products that is focused towards solving problems faced in Sri Lanka and Asia.


Growing focus towards infrastructure development in emerging economies such as Sri Lanka and rapid shift towards urbanization in the country has fueled market expansion for the construction chemical industry over the following years. Petrokem takes pride in catering towards this vertical in producing chemical compounds that improve compatibility with the building structure, Epoxy based solutions such as chemical anchoring and a wide range of technical adhesive products. Petrokem has been the choice producer of many construction chemicals for leading construction firms in the country for the past 27 years.


Epoxies play a major role in meeting the standards required for high quality flooring. They provide high resistance to abrasion, tear and corrosion, which are needed in the case of high traffic spaces. Additionally, epoxy technology equips architects with a tool to design floors in various shapes and colours, making buildings and open spaces more attractive. Petrokem is proud to be one of the very few manufactures of epoxy flooring systems in Sri Lanka, and is ecstatic to announce that many reputed companies in the country have made Petrokem the choice producer of flooring systems for their manufacturing plants/car parks/operating theaters/warehouses etc.


The major change that has taken place in the coatings industry during the last 40 years has been the adoption of new coating technologies. Waterborne (thermosetting emulsion, colloidal dispersion, water-soluble) coatings, high-solids coatings, two-component systems that make use of epoxy have been at the forefront of such technological advances. Although new to this sector, Petrokem continues to innovate with local manufacturing technology that is truly Sri Lankan and aspires to become one of the main coating suppliers in the country.



In the strictest sense, Petrokem specialty chemicals are chemical products that are sold on the basis of their performance or function, rather than their composition. Our products and services in this industry require intensive knowledge and ongoing innovation. For the last 30 years we have been supplying to main beverage bottling plants in the country and have continuously improved our products to cater for various industries.