Petrokem Formulating The Future



Petrokem® Formulating
The Future

As a premier company that has perfected epoxy technology, our product portfolio ranges from Construction Chemicals, General Chemicals, Epoxy Adhesives, Epoxy Flooring Systems, Epoxy Repair Compounds, Technical Paints & Speciality Performance Products.

Founded in 1989 and with modest beginnings Petrokem® has grown to be one of Sri Lanka’s Premier Chemical companies.In the last 3 decades, Petrokem® projected & achieved an annual growth rate of 6% and with a dealership network of over 2500 Stores Island wide, Petrokem® has become one of the key players in the chemical industry.

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Industries Automotive

Epoxy-based coating technology for the automotive sector was introduced in the vehicle production process 30 years ago, providing...

Industries Construction

Growing focus towards infrastructure development in emerging economies such as Sri Lanka and rapid shift towards urbanization in t...

Industries Industrial

Epoxies play a major role in meeting the standards required for high quality flooring. They provide high resistance to abrasion, t...

Industries Paints &

The major change that has taken place in the coatings industry during the last 40 years has been the adoption of new coating techn...

Industries Specialty

In the strictest sense, Petrokem specialty chemicals are chemical products that are sold on the basis of their performance or func...

Industries Leisure

Petrokem operates and holds many properties throughout Sri Lanka. Through our leisure sector, Petrokem aims to provide clients wit...