Petrokem B-Cut Zero C

The most effective solution to remove compounding swirls and achieve an extremely high gloss surface

Petrokem B-Cut Zero C

Petrokem B-Cut ZeroC is a ultra-fine water based compound specially designed to cut and polish auto finishes, clear coats and old painted surfaces to a high gloss polished surface. The product can be used to remove very light scratch marks, stubborn dirt and diesel fuel film from the surface. B-Cut zeroC is specially used on discolored paint surfaces to cut and polish the micro surface of the paint film to obtain the original color with a smooth glossy finish. The product is recommended to be used with an electric or air driven polisher coupled with a polishing pad.

    Shake well before use
  • Apply sufficient compound to work a 60 cm x 60 cm area.
  • Place the foam/wool pad over the compound and spread before starting the machine. (Machine speed: 1500-2500 rpm). If the pad is new or dry, spread some compound on the pad first to ‘wet’ the pad.
  • Buff using light pressure.
  • Reduce the pressure as the compound begins to dry up.
  • Wipe the surface and check whether the deep scratches have been removed. Re-apply if necessary.
  • Clean adjacent panel surfaces with a clean polishing wipe. Un-painted plastic surfaces should be cleaned immediately before moving to the next panel.
  • To further improve the gloss level of the surface, apply Petrokem C-Wax over the polished surface to obtain a perfect water repellent, waxed finish.