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Petrokem® Formulating
The Future

We at Petrokem are proud to be at the forefront of epoxy technology, offering an extensive selection of products, such as Construction Chemicals, General Chemicals, Epoxy Adhesives, Epoxy Flooring Systems, Epoxy Repair Compounds, Technical Paints, and Speciality Performance Products. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that our customers are provided with the best solutions for their needs.

Since its establishment in 1989, Petrokem® has become a leader in the chemical industry in Sri Lanka. With an annual growth rate of 6%, an extensive dealership network of 2500+ stores, and over three decades of experience, Petrokem® has established itself as a premier provider of chemical products to local and foreign markets.

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Industries Paints &

For over three decades, Petrokem has been a renowned manufacturer of epoxy paints in Sri Lanka. Petrokem epoxy based technical pai...

Industries Construction

Petrokem is a leader in the construction chemical industry and is committed to providing world-class products to support the rapid...

Industries Industrial

Epoxies are essential to achieving the required standards of high quality flooring. Their durability, withstanding abrasion, teari...

Industries Automotive Refinishing

Petrokem is a leading provider of automotive refinishing products, offering a range of epoxy-based coatings, polyester-based putti...

Industries Speciality

Speciality chemicals can be categorised into two main verticals. Specialized epoxy solutions & general chemicals. Our products an...

Industries Leisure

Petrokem operates a portfolio of properties throughout Sri Lanka, with a focus on providing our clients exclusive leisure experien...